Steering group

The ten research groups collaborating in  SMART OoC are strongly connected through the Dutch Organ on Chip consortium hDMT.  The groups collaborate on a conceptually novel solution to leverage OoC technology for industrial implementation and utilization, in line with the European OoC roadmap. The research groups will contribute the following expertise. Jaap den Toonder
program leader

Microfluidic manipulation, specifically micro-actuator-based microfluidic pumping

Prof.dr. Sue Gibbs

Next-generation immune competent skin tissue engineered models

Dr. Massimo Mastrangeli

Si/polymer-based microfabrication and sensors

Prof.dr. Erik Danen

Assessment of biological functionality, image-guided cell printing, reporter cells, and multiparameter monitoring of inflammation-induced tissue remodeling

Prof.dr. Roman Truckenmüller

3D microformed and functionalized membranes as bioinspired/biomimetic/ microanatomically shaped cell substrates Jos Malda

Biofabrication technologies and bioink development Albert van den Berg

Platform engineering, fabrication, sensing, and application of the devices and microfluidic docking plate

Prof.dr. Marcel Karperien

Innovative technology-inspired solutions for biomedical challenges, such as osteoarthritis: joint-on-chip

Dr. Andries van der Meer

Development of organ-on-chip platform technology Hans Bouwmeester

Advanced in vitro models of the human intestine for the safety assessment of chemicals

PhD Students

Nine PhD students will be working in the SMART OoC Project.

aniruddha paul
phd student

SMART docking plate (WP1)

Jia-Jun Yeh
PhD Student

Technical Chip Modules (WP2)

Sabine de Winter

Real-time multiparameter monitoring of tissue dynamics (WP3)

Jonas Jäger
phd student

Skin tissue chip module (WP4)

Baishali Ghibhela
phd student

Skin tissue chip module (WP4)

Tom Walraven
phd student

Gut tissue chip module (WP5)

Cécile Bosmans
phd student

3D single cell on-chip bioprinting of hierarchical and multicellular joint tissues (WP6)

Nuria Ginés Rodriguez
phd student

3D single cell on-chip bioprinting of hierarchical and multicellular joint tissues (WP6)

Eric Safai
phd student

Design, integration and functionality demonstration (Overarching WP7)

Involved end users

Knowledge institutes

Industrial advisory board

Thomas Steger Hartmann

Rhiannon David

Adrian Roth

Jochen Kuehnl

Anthony Bahinski

Mario Beilmann

Ronald Dekker
Robin de Bruijn 

User representative

Evita van de Steeg (TNO)

Scientific advisory board


Project management

Mike Geraedts (TU/e) Project Controller
Ellen Thomassen (hDMT) Project Manager
Janny van den Eijnden – van Raaij (hDMT)